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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services




Latest Updates

as at June 2019

Table: Updates to DEQMS
Component Details Date
Estate Upkeep NEW - EMOS 3rd Party Audit Program June 2019
Estate Upkeep UPDATED - E&IG Signage & Labelling Standard (SLS) has been updated. April 2019
E&IG UPDATED - The EIR Form has been amended Mar 2019
Estate Planning NEW - Site Selection Process is now live Feb 2019
Estate Upkeep UPDATED - Minor Workplace Adjustment (MWA) June 2018
Estate Upkeep NEW - Pallet Racking and Estate Upkeep Guidance Mar 2018
Estate Information NEW - GDL FAQ Page - Provided by GEMS Sustainment Team Jan 2018
Estate Works Program NEW - GEMS Process Maps for Estate Works Program and Projects Jan 2018
Estate Upkeep UPDATED - EU12 Labeling of Estate Elements Standards have been updated on DEQMS. Dec 2017
Estate Information (GDL) NEW - GEMS Data Load Tool & Supporting documentation is now available on DEQMS Dec 2017
Estate Works Program UPDATED 2018 Schedule for Programmed Works Dec 2017
Estate Information (Extracts) UPDATED Process for Estate Data Extracts has been updated in areas where GEMS has been deployed Nov 2017
Defence Infrastructure Panel UPDATED all contacts October 2017
Defence Environment & Heritage Panel UPDATED all contacts October 2017
Legal Obligations and Compliance Registers UPDATED Legal Obligations and Compliance Registers October 2017
ERIM Relationships NEW diagrammatic representations of ERIM Physical & Functional parent relationships September 2017
Initial Business Case UPDATED Initial Business Case Process September 2017
Estate Works Program UPDATED EWP Product Director Values & Behavior August 2017
Estate Emergency Response Management UPDATED Estate Upkeep Emergency Event Delegation August 2017
Estate Works Program POC UPDATED Estate Works Program Zone Points of Contact. July 2017
Emergency Evacuation Diagrams NEW documented process for development of emergency evacuation diagrams of occupied facilities across the Defence estate. July 2017
ERIM Interim Guidelines NEW Estate Information has developed practical usage samples of ERIM Guidelines for input into the EDT July 2017
HEIT Examples NEW Standard data Examples to assist with Requesting Unique Estate Identifiers for all HEIT June 2017
Aircraft Pavement Concession Tool UPDATED data within the Aircraft Pavement Concession Tool June 2017
Estate Strategy ADDED the NEW Estate Strategy 2016-2036 and Estate Strategy Implementation Plan May 2017
Industry Briefings NEW Industry Briefings page content April 2017
Building Code 2016 NEW Building Code 2016 page content April 2017
Estate Works Program Management UPDATED all Estate Works Program Management pages March 2017
Estate Investment Requirement UPDATED process including template and guidance documents for the EIR March 2017
Special Interest UPDATED/NEW processes for Special Interest Cases in GEMS February 2017
Overseas Leasing UPDATED/NEW processes for Overseas Leasing Projects in GEMS February 2017
Fitouts UPDATED/NEW processes for Fitout Projects in GEMS February 2017
Disposal UPDATED/NEW processes for Disposal Projects in GEMS February 2017
Acquisition UPDATED/NEW processes for Acquisition projects in GEMS February 2017
Incident Management UPDATED/NEW processes for Incident Management in GEMS including Environmental February 2017
Risk Management UPDATED/NEW processes for Risk Management in GEMS February 2017