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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification

Environment Compliance Element Environmental Management

Biosecurity and Overabundant Native Species (BONS)

Biosecurity is defined by the Australian Biosecurity System for Primary Production and the Environment (AusBIOSEC) asprotecting the economy, environment and people’s health from pestsand disease. In the Defence context, Biosecurity includes feral animals, weeds and environmental and agricultural diseases and the risks they pose to Defence capability. There are also some native animal species that can increase to undesirably high numbers (ie become overabundant) and pose similar risks.

Feral animals, weeds, diseases and overabundant native species can significantly interfere with Defence operations and training by altering or depleting the vegetation cover of training areas, causing soil erosion and creating safety issues such as vehicle impacts with wildlife. Natural ecosystems and native plants and animals are also negatively affected by diseases, weeds and pests potentially spread by Defence activities.

Accordingly Defence has developed the “Management of Biosecurity and Overabundant Native Species Risks on the Defence Estate” (BONS) policy to manage these risks.


To find out more, contact the Director of Environmental and Heritage Policy Development (DEHPD), or your local Regional Energy and Sustainability Manager. The Senior Environmental Officers and Regional Environmental Officer (REO) support this role in the Regions.

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