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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services

DEQMS Assurance Review Program

External Surveillance Assessment


Task 1 - Receive Notification from auditors

Receive Notification from Auditors.

Task 2 - Provide notification to FASI and Branch Heads

Provide notification to FASI and Branch Heads. The external auditor in conjunction with the SME and DEQMS team will have a startup meeting with the Branch Head where the audit will be undertaken to discuss scope and available resources.

Task 3 - Confirm scope and dates with auditors

Confirm scope and dates with Auditor and finalise the assessment schedule.

Task 4 - Prepare for audit

Prepare for audit by developing the Agenda and advising staff. If required work with staff and provide guidance on the audit.

Task 5 - Undertake Audit

Task 6 - Receive Assessment report

Receive Assessment report and provide report to FASI, IDEM, SME and the DEQMS Team.

Task 7 - DEQMS team will record and address any NC's as required.