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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Stage 5: Review and Test


Activity 1 - 6 month period of evaluation

DEQMS team will coordinate a 6 month period of evaluation in accordance with test and evaluation plan, this will involve:

  • Originator, if suitable;
  • Subject Matter Expert; and
  • DEQMS Team

Activity 2 - Evaluation

After the 6 month evaluation period DEQMS team will coordinate the final closeout of the CI.

  • DEQMS Team will coordinate the evaluation of the implemented solution to determine whether desired change has been achieved as well as lessons learnt implementing the solution.
  • This will be reported to the Originator / SME / Approval Authority.
  • This may involve re-visiting the solution if outcomes have not been satisfactorily achieved (return to Step 3)