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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Stage 4: Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting


Activity 1 - Solution implemented

SME Lead implements the Solution in liaison with the DEQMS Team, Sponsor, Technical Authority, Subject Matter Expert and key customers.

DEQMS team to assist in the implementation of the Approved Solution. This can include:

  • DEQMS to facilitate implementation of the approved Solution. This may involve:
    • Coordinating the implementation of the actions as per the Solution;
    • Conducting meetings or workshops and potentially user testing; and
    • Undertaking stakeholder engagement with involved parties to communicate Solution requirements, timeframe and solutions.


Activity 2 - Monitoring

DEQMS team to coordinate the monitoring on the Solution

  • Individual monitoring output held in Objective folder
  • If Solution is:
    1. Not being implemented according agreed timeframes – DEQMS Team will advise Approval Authority
    2. Not leading to satisfactory resolution of problem or opportunity – DEQMS team will initiate a Solution Review Session to re-assess solution and possibly change approved Solution. Extent of change to Solution may require Approval Authority consent (Step 2)


Activity 3 - Solution is published.

Approval is obtained and website published in accordance with the "How to Publish to DEQMS" process.


Activity 4 - Solution implemented

DEQMS team to close out Stage 4 once the Solution has been implemented.

Once the Solution has been successfully implemented, the DEQMS team will:

  • Notify impacted stakeholders;
  • Commence 6 month period of evaluation (Stage 5).