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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


Stage 3: Solution Preparation and Approval


Activity 1 - Prepare Solution

SME Lead to prepare Solution with identified stakeholders via:

  • Developing updates to process, templates, policy as required; or
  • Further discussion with Project Officers, Consultants and DEEP as required.

Activity 2 - Seek appropriate approval

SME Lead to seek appropriate approval to implement Solution.

The Solution will be required to be approved by the necessary Executive level e.g. Branch Heads, FASI. The appropriate Approval Authority (relevant Executive) will have three options available once they have received the Solution:

  1. Approve the Solution - approval of the Solution gives the relevant Branch/Directorate the authorisation to commence implementing the Solution and DEQMS the authorisation to monitor the implementation of the Solution;
  2. Task DEQMS to conduct a more detailed investigation into the reported problem or opportunity e.g. more information is needed; and
  3. Task DEQMS to implement on-going monitoring and observation of the reported problem or opportunity over an agreed period rather than implement Solution.

If approved by either Directors and/or Branch Heads, Assistant Director of Quality Management will be required to inform FASI of problem or opportunity and Solution/Continuous Improvement Plan. Until fully implemented reporting on status of Solution/Continuous Improvement Plan may be a regular item on Management Forum & In-Depth Review Agenda.

Activity 3 - Escalate Solution

  • SME Lead to escalate the issue if a suitable solution can't be agreed on with in a suitable timeframe.

If Approval Authority cannot agree/endorse the Solution in accordance with the Continuous Improvement Escalation Resolution Process, the Solution must be escalated. Assistant Director of Quality Management will be required to determine escalation based upon severity of problem/opportunity and urgency of response.


  • First Assistant Secretary - Infrastructure
  • First Assistant Secretary - Service Delivery
  • Sponsor
  • Technical Authority (TA)
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)