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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) Davis Langdon Certification Services


Register Audit Recommendations (outside of DEQMS Audit Program)

Instances where Audits are conducted (outside the scope of the DEQMS Audit Program), results are forwarded to the ID Audit Coordinator to track and include in formal reports to senior management as required.

The role of the ID Audit Coordinator and Quality Manager will be monitoring and reporting on issues identified by audits outside the DEQMS Audit Program and how these relate to current CI Opportunities.

Activity 1 - FASI and ID Audit Coordinator advised of the upcoming Audit

  • Forward the tasking to the ID Audit Coordinator E&IG FASI Exec Support to advise of the upcoming Audit.
  • The coordinator will provide points of contact/branch reps and any provide any preliminary information that may assist.
  • The coordinator will attend the entry meeting.

Activity 2 - Audit is registered

  • Create an objective folder using the standard Audit Folder Structure.
  • Register the Audit on the ID Audit Work Program

Activity 3 - Audit Coordination includes:

  • Coordination of Point of Contact/Branch responses.
  • Facilitate providing information required - i.e. Project lists.
  • Attending Opening and Closing meetings, as required
  • Provide follow up supporting information, as required.

Activity 4 - Audit Reports and Outcome

Audit Report

  • The Draft Audit report will be provided to the ID Audit Coordinator. The report will outline audit findings and the proposed recommendations. The Coordinator will distribute and seek comments as required. The DEQMS team will register Audit Recommendations and Management Actions Plans (MAP), Non Conformances (NC) and Opportunities For Improvement (OFI) as required.
  • Audit report will be provided to ID Exec, As required.

Tracking Audit Outcomes

  • Follow up actions will be coordinated and tracked on ARMS and the ID Audit Work Program.
  • Any MAP's, NC's or OFI's will be managed using the DEQMS 5 Stage CI Process.