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Defence Estate Quality Management System (DEQMS) BSI Certification


How to publish to DEQMS

We welcome your updates as it drives our culture of continuous improvement. Every employee, consultant, contractor and supplier has the ability to improve the quality of information on DEQMS.

Activity 1 - Requesting Officer contacts the DEQMS Team to discuss options for update

Contact the DEQMS Team to amend, upload new information/document(s) and/or delete information or documents. The DEQMS Team will discuss your initial ideas and offer advice on the correct process to facilitate the update as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

Activity 2 - Requesting Officer works on update

Depending on what was agreed in Activity 1, you have a few ways to update information in the DEQMS. Please note the Web formatting will occur by the DEQMS Team.

  • you can right click, print the page and provide the updates as red pen amendments
  • you can send a quick email to the DEQMS In-box with your changes, attaching documents as required
  • you can copy and paste the contents of the page into word, make changes and send to the DEQMS In-box

Activity 3 - Requesting Officer circulates update for review

Circulate and seek acceptance of the update as appropriate. If the update impacts upon the operations of other Divisions or Groups, it is the responsibility of the Sponsor/TA/SME to source approvals from appropriate areas and involve them in reaching an optimal solution. Consider internal distribution to:

  • personnel in the Infrastructure Division;
  • appropriate E&IG Divisions; and
  • appropriate Groups and Services.

Activity 4 - Requesting Officer gets update approved & provides to the DEQMS Team via the DEQMS In-box

The SME/TA is responsible for all content on DEQMS including approval of the information before it is provided to the DEQMS team for publishing. Depending on the type of document/information will depend on the level of approval required. The SME/TA should seek approval from the relevant Director and then (if required) from the relevant Branch Head(s). The DEQMS Content Approval Template is required for Branch Head level approval.

Note: All relevant approval sought and obtained in the consultation process must be included in the email to the DEQMS Team.

Activity 5 - DEQMS Team QA's the update

The DEQMS Team will conduct a QA check on the update ensuring all pages, documents and templates linked to DEQMS comply with the ISO 9001/2008 Quality Management System Standards as well as the Web Content Accessabiltiy Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

To ensure compliance to Document & Version Control the DEQMS team are to:

  • identify and confirm that specific reference to external documentation are linked directly to the source and not copied and linked within Defence Policies, Directive, Acts, Regulations, Codes; and
  • confirm a ll new documents requested to be published contain the following basic standards to all their footers;
    • Object Id;
    • Page Number;
    • Version Number; and
    • Month and Year.

Activity 6 - DEQMS Team will complete update on the development site and finalise with the Requesting Officer

The DEQMS team will email the development site link to the Requesting Officer. The DEQMS team will liaise with Requesting Officer until the update is ready for publishing.

Note: All relevant approval sought and obtained for the approval process must be included in the email to the DEQMS Team.

Activity 7 - DEQMS Team updates Version Control and Latest Updates

Version Number

  • Major changes for Version 1.1 will become V2 and Minor changes for Version 1.1 will become V1.2

Last Updated

Next Review

Technical Authority / Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Individual web pages have a designated TA, usually at the Branch Level
  • Individual web pages have a designated SME, usually at the Director level
  • The SME is responsible for developing and maintaining published content within the DEQMS structure

Activity 8 - DEQMS Team publishes update and informs Requesting Officer once live

  • TA/SME inform all relevant business areas about changes and published documents
  • TA/SME to develop training if required for relevant users