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Defence Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Our Performance Indicators of Diversity and Inclusion in Defence

To evaluate the effectiveness and success of this strategy and the achievement our goals for diversity and inclusion in Defence, we will look through the three lenses as utilised in Defence’s ‘People in Defence’ strategy. 

Community Lens

'We must increase the underlying support for the consideration of a Defence career among members of the Australian community.'

Performance Indicators:

  • Defence has strategies that have achieved the attraction and recruitment of Australians from diverse groups.
  • Defence has increased the proportion of the community from diverse backgrounds considering a career in Defence.
  • Defence has increased recruiting achievement among diverse groups of targeted attention.
  • Defence has positioned itself as an employer of choice among diverse groups.

People Lens

'We must attract and recruit our required share of the available talent pool - in terms of volume and quality - while retaining the People identified as critical to Defence Capability.'

Performance Indicators:

  • Performance Indicators:
  • Defence has the mechanisms and support structures that champions diversity and inclusion.
  • Defence has increased the diversity of our workforce to better reflect the Australian community.
  • Defence has increased job satisfaction among its people.
  • Defence is retaining critical people throughout the stages of career and life.

Government Lens

'Government must have confidence that Defence is delivering the required People Capability on a consistent, sustainable and affordable basis.'

Performance Indicators:

  • Defence is able to deliver People Capability to meet Government requirements and Defence capability.
  • Defence delivers on whole of Government initiatives for diversity in the workplace.
  • Defence complies with the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Direction on Workplace Diversity.

The Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan will support our Strategy by describing the specific activities and initiatives to be undertaken by the Services and Groups to realise our goals for diversity and inclusion in Defence. It will harness the Defence cultural levers for change and build on current plans, strategies, programs and activities for identified priority groups to ensure progress.