Cook Barracks and Tiroas Barracks Redevelopment (Vanuatu)

The Governments of the Republic of Vanuatu and Australia are working together to deliver a large infrastructure project for the Vanuatu Police Force in Port Vila and Luganville, as part of the strong and enduring security partnership between our two nations.

The upgraded facilities will support the Vanuatu Police Force’s growth and operational capability.

A key objective of the Cook Barracks and Tiroas Barracks redevelopment is to bolster local industry and boost commercial activity that will stimulate Vanuatu’s economy.

The project seeks to employ, train and upskill local workers through local training institutions as well as support local industry by using local material, resources and services wherever possible. The Cook Barracks and Tiroas Barracks redevelopment is expected to create and sustain 200 jobs for the life of the project.

The project is being delivered by an integrated project management team comprising of Australian Army engineers from 19th Chief Engineer Works, designers from GHD, and contractors from Icon Australia and Reeves International, in close consultation with Vanuatu Police Force personnel. Vanuatu Mobile Force engineers are embedded in Icon Reeves operations on site. 

Cook Barracks

Cook Barracks in Port Vila will see significant investment including new engineer and vehicle workshops, accommodation, training facilities, fire station, chapel, and medical centre. Roads and essential services are also being upgraded to support the new facilities. Construction commenced in March 2021 and is scheduled for completion in Q4 2023.

Tiroas Barracks

Upgrades at the Tiroas Barracks in Luganville will include a new armoury and    medical facilities, as well as critical infrastructure to enable the Vanuatu Government National Emergency Radio Network, a joint Vanuatu-Australia initiative to upgrade Vanuatu’s inter-island emergency network. Essential services are also being upgraded to support the new facilities. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2022 and be completed in 2023.