The Joint Initiative at Lombrum Naval Base (PNG)

The Lombrum Joint Initiative will support the redevelopment of Papua New Guinea’s sovereign Lombrum Naval Base and build the Papua New Guinea Defence Force’s (PNGDF) capability to protect its borders and maritime resources through a broad program of mentoring, tailored training and infrastructure development at the PNGDF base.

The Joint Initiative is owned by, and for the benefit of, the PNGDF to respond to PNG’s security needs and priorities. The scope of the Lombrum infrastructure project was developed and agreed in consultation with the PNGDF and has been designed to benefit the local community, including by developing local jobs and skills.

The Joint Initiative is a natural extension of Australia’s longstanding partnership with PNG through our Defence Cooperation Program. It also supports the Pacific Maritime Security Program, which is providing four Guardian-class patrol boats to the PNGDF that will be based at Lombrum Naval Base.

Australia and PNG have a long history of maritime cooperation at Lombrum Naval Base. Australian and PNG maritime personnel have served together, including at Lombrum, since before the Second World War, and through the formation of the PNGDF in 1973 and PNG’s independence in 1975. 

Construction at Lombrum Naval Base commenced in mid-2020. The Early Works included refurbishment of the community chapel, construction of a new medical facility, upgrades to the communication centre, and construction of security fencing. 

Watch and explore the Lombrum Naval Base redevelopment as part of the Lombrum Infrastructure Project being built to build the PNG Defence Force capability to protect its border and maritime resources. 

The Main Works commenced at Lombrum Naval Base in early June 2021, delivered by Head Contractor Clough Australia Pty Ltd. Main Works include:

  • Electrical generation services for Lombrum Naval Base and Manus Island.
  • Water and sewerage services for the base.
  • Facilities for PNGDF for work, training and living accommodation.
  • Operational facilities for the Guardian-class Patrol Boats and small boat operations.

Once complete, PNG’s redeveloped Lombrum Naval Base will provide opportunities for increased joint training, exercises and ship visits between the ADF and the PNGDF, through established programs such as our joint Olgeta exercise series.

Lombrum Infrastructure Project - Factsheet (PDF, 5.8 MB)