Operation Solania

Operation Solania contributes to a wider multi-national program providing maritime surveillance support in the Pacific, coordinated by the Quadrilateral Defence Coordinating Group. Members of the Quadrilateral Defence Coordinating Group are Australia, France, New Zealand and the United States.

Operation Solania also supports Operations Kuru Kuru, Big Eye, Island Chief, Tui Moana and Rai Balang, which are coordinated maritime surveillance and patrol operations run by the Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency. These partner operations aim to detect and deter illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing activity.

Defence's commitment to Operation Solania varies year-on-year based on the nature of the specific requirements of the task and the support required.

Defence assets assigned to Operation Solania provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support to the Pacific Islands nations. This capability supports the economic development of Pacific Island nations, through the protection of fisheries and other resources.

Royal Australian Navy Ships and Air Force Maritime Patrol aircraft may be allocated to Operation Solania.