Indo-Pacific Endeavour

Through the conduct of bilateral and multilateral engagement, training and capacity building, Indo-Pacific Endeavour (IPE) aims to promote security and stability in Australia’s near region demonstrating our commitment to making effective contributions to humanitarian and security efforts. Australia’s vision for the Indo-Pacific is a region that is secure, open, prosperous and resilient.

IPE has evolved to be Australia’s flagship regional engagement activity, ensuring a strong Australian presence in the region and reinforcing our enduring partnerships and friendships.

IPE 2023, one of Australia’s key regional engagement activities, returns to Southeast Asia and the Northeast Indian Ocean from June to October 2023.

Air Commodore Tony McCormack has been appointed as Commander IPE 2023. He will lead this year’s iteration with activities conducted across maritime platforms and fly-in / fly-out elements from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Australian Government agencies.

Building on the success of IPE22, the same 14 countries will participate - Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Maldives, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

For 2023, the focus will be on activities such as senior leadership engagement, information exchanges, sporting teams, seminars and capacity building initiatives. These activities will further strengthen the bonds we share across the 14 participating countries in Southeast Asia and the Northeast Indian Ocean.

Ships from the Royal Australian Navy, Army detachments and Royal Australian Air Force aircraft deployments, will also contribute to exercises and engagement activities, allowing for information sharing and training opportunities.