Wargaming and Simulation Centre

The Wargaming and Simulation Centre (WSC) is part of Australian Defence College, the strategic provider of joint professional military education and individual training for Australian Defence Force.

WSC uses immersive simulation technology to enhance learning, wherever the learner is. The Centre's mission is to support individual learning with simulation to achieve the best effect, by enhancing capability, reducing risk and saving resources.

WSC develops and delivers virtual or constructive simulations in the following application areas.

  • Part-task training simulations - e.g. virtual vehicle patrol, avatar-augmented role play.
  • Serious games - e.g. English as a second language.
  • Visualisation and animation content - e.g. virtual video vignettes to support briefings.
  • Wargame constructive simulations to support joint operations training.

WSC conducts the biannual Australian Defence College Simulation Forum to demonstrate emerging simulation technologies relevant to military education and training.