Defence International Training Centre

Defence International Training Centre (DITC) is part of Australian Defence College, the strategic provider of joint professional military education and individual training for Australian Defence Force.

Since 1979, DITC has provided training and support to enhance Defence’s international engagement.

The Centre plays a pivotal role in cross cultural awareness between Defence and international militaries. It is a key contributor to the Defence Cooperation Program and other bilateral training.

DITC is located at RAAF Williams-Laverton in Victoria. It delivers courses across the Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) continuum for JPME levels 1-4 in the following areas:

  • military preparation and familiarisation
  • teaching English to speakers of other languages
  • English language
  • Australian Defence Force English Language Profiling System (ADFELPS)
  • ADFELPS Rater training courses (ARTC).