Australian Defence Force Warfare Training Centre

The Australian Defence Force Warfare Training Centre (ADFWTC) is part of Australian Defence College, the strategic provider of joint professional military education and individual training for Australian Defence Force.

ADFWTC conducts joint individual training for Defence, other Government agencies and selected international military personnel. The Centre assists in the preparation of staff for operational joint headquarters and specialist joint warfare roles.

The current range of courses on offer are:

  • Introduction to Joint Warfighting (online)
  • Joint Warfighting Planning Foundations
  • Joint Health Planning
  • Joint Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Operations Planning
  • Mortuary Affairs Officers
  • Information Operations Staff Officer
  • Introduction to Amphibious Planning
  • Joint Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Staff Planning
  • Operational Contract Management
  • Joint Fires, Effects and Targeting Staff Officers
  • Overseas Joint Warfare (for International partners).

The Centre is located at the Royal Australian Air Force Base Williamtown, approximately 30 kilometres from Newcastle in New South Wales.