Australian Command and Staff course

Education provider: Australian War College


The Australian Command and Staff course (ACSC) is a 47 week residential course for mid-career military officers and selected Australian Public Servants. 

The course prepares selected officers and officials for command and staff appointments in integrated, joint and single-Service environments at the O5 and O6 level.

The Australian Command and Staff Course curriculum is delivered primarily at Joint Professional Military Education Level Three. It uses historical and contemporary events to test the relevance and applicability of military theory. Students are encouraged to analyse, evaluate and synthesise diverse viewpoints from a broad range of sources, share their experiences, and build enduring networks. Over the period of study, students will enhance critical thinking skills and apply them to complex problems to create innovative solutions.

Learning outcomes 

Graduates of the course achieve a passed staff course (joint) (psc(j)) military qualification. In addition, based on academic achievement, students may graduate with a post-graduate qualification. Academic content is delivered in partnership with Deakin University and students have the opportunity be awarded a post-graduate qualification in Military and Defence Studies.



O4/O5 rank. Selection is made by relevant Service HQ to match allocations. Lists of nominated individuals are to be provided to the ADC Admin Coordination Cell at


APS6/EL1 level. Individuals are to self-nominate to Defence Learning Branch (DLB) IAW the relevant DEFGRAM. DLB will coordinate review of submissions and interviews of short listed candidates with the Course Director and COMDT AWC 

Other Government Agencies (OGA) APS

Specific OGA will receive a formal invitation from COMDT AWC or COM ADC. The OGA are requested to identify and select suitable candidates and notify AWC per instructions in the formal invitation.

International students

Students are selected by their Governments on invitation from the ADF. Nominations are submitted through the ADF International Policy Division (IP) Div Desk Officers. DLB will provide lists of nominated individuals to the ADC Admin Coordination Cell at



ADF | Defence APS | Other Government agencies | International military | International public sector





Annually | early January


In-person / Residential

Australian Defence College
1 Kirkpatrick Street
Weston, ACT 2611


47 weeks

JPME level