Advanced Military Studies – Military Theory for Practice course

Education provider: Centre for Defence Research


The course emphasises moving the ADF away from Iraq-Afghanistan experience into higher level Indo-Pacific operational-strategic concerns. The focus is on operational art and design, the operational-strategic interface, contemporary debates in military theory and joint/integrated military planning approaches for a post-industrial age. It also covers command and systems warfare/decision centric operations across domains, maritime competition and deterrence; and on comparative assessment of Indo-Pacific militaries and civil-military relations in war.

Graduates of the course achieve a certification by Deakin University. This is a non-award completion of academic accreditation in the form of 'Recognition of Prior Learning' towards a Master’s of Arts in International Relations.

Learning outcomes

By participating in the course, students will develop skills and knowledge in research and analysis methods from:

  • Exposure to the latest thinking on the theory and practice of contemporary warfare.
  • Introducing concepts and techniques that are relevant to the operational-strategic interface as it applies to the political objectives and outcomes involved in the prosecution of war.
  • Education in the use of applied interdisciplinary knowledge on war and conflict drawn military theory.


  • Successfully completed Australian Command and Staff Course, international military equivalent, or possess a Master’s degree in an appropriate discipline.
  • Endorsement from an Australian Defence Force Star Rank or Senior Executive Service officer.
  • Submit a ‘Pitch’ describing the relevance of the professional contribution to Defence in relation to modern future studies in contemporary warfare.


Enrolment is open for the first two weeks of February. Please email the contact provided to obtain the enrolment form. 


ADF | Defence APS | Other Government agencies | International military | International public sector

Mid-career military officers (senior O4/O5) and selected Australian Public Servants (senior APS6/EL1), international military, and inter-agency national security personnel.





Annually | April–May



Australian Defence College
1 Kirkpatrick Street
Weston, ACT 2611


35 hours over 5 weeks (online), 1 week full-time (residential)

JPME level