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For ADF members and their families

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DCO webinars

DCO webinar

To support and stay connected with ADF families across Australia and around the world, we are holding a number of webinars. Our webinars focus on three topics: ‘From surviving to thriving during COVID-19’, 'Deployment – embracing the challenge' and ‘Returning from overseas’.

During these webinars families can access some great tips, strategies and resources to help them know more about a range of topics like maintaining healthy relationships, the DCO support available, children’s education during and after COVID-19, support for families with a loved one deployed, communication and healthy connections, returning to Australia from an overseas posting and how to stay physically, mentally and emotionally strong.

Some of the topics and questions discussed during our webinars are explored on the Q&A page.

If you have questions about support available, or just want someone to talk to, our Defence Family Helpline will continue to operate 24/7. Call 1800 624 608 or email

If you would like to see the range of services available for ADF partners and families when members are deployed, visit our Deployment and time apart page.

Follow us on social media for up-to-date information and links to get tickets for upcoming webinars in the series. Free webinar tickets are available through Eventbrite with links available from the calendar on the DCO website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Forcenet.

Recorded DCO webinars

MWD(U) - Communication, the key to living apart together, presented 24 September 2020

Overview: Discusses the importance of communication while living apart and explores the additional challenges families might be facing during COVID-19, including a range of tips for effective communications and self-care strategies.

Preparing for posting – Moving with a plan, presented 8 October 2020

Overview: Practical tips and strategies on how to navigate challenging or unexpected times during posting, including a segment from the Posting Cycle Movement Control Cell (PCMCC) and information about the support available along the way.

MWD(U) – Making a home in two locations, presented 15 October 2020

Overview: Practical tips and strategies on how to navigate challenging or unexpected times during posting, including ideas on ways to build your connection as a family from afar.

Deployment—Preparing for the return and beyond, presented 22 October 2020

Overview: Tips and strategies for the family to support reintegration of the family unit following deployment.

Posting during COVID-19—Managing quarantine, presented 12 November 2020

Overview: Tips and strategies for families who may be managing any required quarantine during postings.

Making a new home — integrating into the new location, presented 03 December 2020

Overview: Explores how families can manage the challenges and opportunities of re-establishing community, home life, partner employment, childcare and schooling. Looks at how families can find and identify support and interest groups in the Defence and wider communities.

Posting to the United States of America, presented 10 December 2020

Overview: Australian Defence staff at the Australian Embassy in Washington provide information about the conditions and circumstances that you can expect to encounter. There are strategies and tips to help you maximise your family’s health and well-being during the posting and ideas about how to make the most of the challenges and opportunities.

Adjusting to deployment, presented on 14 January 2021

Overview: Tips and strategies on how to cope with change as a family, including practical, emotional and social considerations.

Preparing for the unexpected – Coping in crises, presented on 21 January 2021

Overview: Focuses on readiness, sharing evidence-based information and providing strategies and tips to help members and their families enhance their level of readiness and ability to prepare for the unexpected.

Posted to the United Kingdom, presented on 18 February 2021

Overview: Provides authoritative information about the policies and conditions that apply to the current situation in the UK. This webinar also provides some tips and strategies to help you maximise your family's health and well-being during the posting.

Read the Q&A from this webinar.

Education support for United Kingdom and Europe, presented on 4 March 2021

Overview: Provides information and strategies about parenting during difficult times, and supporting your children through change. Talks about managing remote schooling, the return to face-to-face classes, and the return to school in Australia. Includes information about the policies and conditions in place to ensure that children are not educationally disadvantaged by overseas schooling.

Read the responses to questions not answered in this webinar

Overseas posting—Managing family wellbeing, presented on 18 March 2021

Overview: Provides evidence-based strategies to help you support your family. Topics include ‘how to manage uncertainty’ and ‘healthy relationships’ and the webinar will cover a range of techniques to strength your wellbeing.

Recorded PCMCC webinars

Posting overseas, recorded December 2020

Returning to Australia, recorded December 2020