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Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group

ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel)

Effective 8 July 2019

Update 04 August 2020: Updates to the glossary, tender data requirements and Data Item Descriptions to include revised Australian Industry Capability provisions that give effect to the Defence Policy for Industry Participation.

ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel) is for acquiring high risk, software intensive systems with complex integration relating to major platforms or highly developmental systems. Further guidance on when to use ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel) has been included in the Contract Template Selection and Tailoring Guide.

ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel) version 4.0 contains a number of key changes including:

  • new provisions to align with the Collaborative Contracting Framework including a new attachment setting out the Contract Governance Framework between the contracting parties;
  • refined defect liability provisions;
  • revised Technical Data / Intellectual Property Framework reflecting developments in ASDEFCON (Support) V4.0 and ASDEFCON (Complex Materiel) Volume 2 V4.0; and
  • new provisions to incorporate the Black Economy Procurement Connected Policy.

A table of changes from version 3.1 to version 4.0 of ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel) is available.

Download Files

The following files represent the complete ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel) version 4.0 template.

This version is current as of 29 May 2020.

Preliminary Pages (PDF)
Part 1 - Conditions of Tender (PDF)
Part 1 - Annexes to the Conditions of Tender (PDF)
Part 2 - Draft Conditions of Contract (PDF)
Part 2 - Attachments to Draft Conditions of Contract (PDF)
Part 3 - Draft Statement of Work (PDF)
Part 3 - Annexes to the Draft Statement of Work (PDF)
Part 3 - Data Item Descriptions (PDF)
Part 3 - MSR Checklists (PDF)

Alternatively, a zipped copy of ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel)V4.0 in Microsoft Word format (ZIP) is also available for downloading. When extracting from Winzip please ensure you select "all files" and "use folder names".

The Department of Defence accepts no responsibility, or liability, for the use of this document. For specific procurements, the Department reserves the right to make changes to the document (or select particular clause 'options') and is not bound to use the document for any particular procurement.


The following guidance has also been produced to assist procurement staff in using the ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel) template:

The ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel)V1.2 handbook is no longer applicable to the ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel)V4.0 template. Should you still wish to view the handbook, you can find a copy here.