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Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group

Defence Procurement Policy

Defence has a single overarching procurement policy framework managed by CASG. Mandatory procurement guidance is contained in the Defence Procurement Policy Manual. Within CASG, this is supplemented by best-practice process guidance contained in a Complex Procurement Guide and Simple Procurement Process Tool.

  • Defence Procurement Policy Manual

    The DPPM is the principal reference document for Defence officials conducting procurement. It provides procurement officers, and others involved in the procurement process, with the Departmental policy necessary to comply with Commonwealth policy.

  • ASDEFCON Technical Data/Intellectual Property Framework

    The ASDEFCON Technical Data / Intellectual Property (TD/IP) framework is a key Defence reform initiative to improve and streamline Defence's procurement processes. The framework achieves a more appropriate balance between the TD/IP needs of Defence and the protection of industry's interests, as well as reflecting the fundamental importance of TD as a key enabler of capability outcomes.

  • Defence Procurement Complaints Scheme

    Defence has a fair, equitable and non-discriminatory procurement complaints handling procedure and manages all procurement complaints under the Defence Procurement Complaints Management Scheme.