Defence and Industry Study Course 2023


The primary aim of the Defence & Industry Study Course (DISC) is to promote a better understanding and engagement of both Defence and industry in order to improve Australia's Defence industry capability and thus national security. DISC brings together and exposes participants to key aspects of the environment in which Defence and industry will need to navigate, collaborate and partner in order to successfully deliver and sustain capability for armed forces.

The DISC is an asset for all executives seeking to expand their knowledge of Defence and industry as well as those aiming for senior management roles. The course is geared to enhance the skills of current leaders, project managers and senior executives working within businesses that supply the ADF. It provides a professional environment for forging lasting networks with cohort members together with extensive networking opportunities with key decision makers from within Defence, Government and industry. 

The course fee covers all costs associated with delivery of each module from the time the participant arrives at their departure airport until return, including all accommodation, all meals, access to venues, and all transport. In addition, the course fee covers the years of membership of the Defence Industry Courses Alumni (DICA).

Participants must commit to attending all modules in order to graduate from the course. Delivery of the program will be modified as necessary to ensure the capacity to meet COVID-19 restrictions.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • enhance the relationship between Defence and Industry by promoting a shared understanding of capabilities and processes
  • develop an informed understanding of the Defence structure, how the Groups/Services interact, and how Defence operates (industry attendees)
  • develop an informed appreciation of how businesses - at different levels in the sector - operate, interact, and plan, including the different drivers and business motivations (defence or public sector attendees)
  • develop on-going networks between Defence and Industry peers to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of interactions
  • gain exposure to the functions and use of military equipment in the operating environment
  • have access to Defence and Industry sites and senior personnel to facilitate knowledge transfer and engagement, particularly on lessons learnt.

Syndicate work

Further to the structured program, syndicate work will be required during, and outside of course dates. Participants will be allocated to a working group in order to develop a presentation on an assigned topic. Each syndicate topic is different and a mentor will also be assigned to assist and offer guidance. The syndicate will present to senior Defence and industry executives during the final module of the course. This is followed by completion of a 3000-3500 word paper on the topic by the syndicate. At each module, applicants should be aware that there will be course deliverables in the form of written submissions and/or presentations leading to the final paper.


The Defence & Industry Study Course (DISC) is aimed at specific audiences.

  • Managers, project managers or key members working in a position in a company engaged, or planning to be engaged, in business with the Department of Defence.
  • Members of the ADF (MAJ-COL (E)) or a defence employee (Executive Level 1 - SES 1).
  • Employees of other Australian Federal Government and State and Territory agencies, at executive level.
  • Academics and researchers engaged in national security, innovation or technology readiness.


Applications for the 2023 course open on Monday 16 January 2023 and close at 5pm AEST on Monday 6 March 2023.

Prior to lodging an application to attend the course, the prospective attendees must get endorsement from their employer and acknowledge this in the application form.

Applicants need to complete the application form below, select ‘Submit form’ on page 5 of the form, and attach the passport size photo of themselves to the email prior to sending.

Nominations will be considered by a selection panel.


Defence & Industry Study Course Nomination Form (PDF, 188.41 KB)





3 Jun 2023 – 8 Dec 2023
Annualy | Four 1-week modules over 7 months

Module 1 (Intro + Land): 3-9 June
Module 2 (Maritime): 6-11 August
Module 3 (Air/Space): 15-20 October
Module 4 (Strategy/Policy): 3-8 December


In person
Module 1: ACT | VIC | TAS
Module 2: NT | SA
Module 3: QLD | NSW
Module 4: NSW | ACT


$9,500 + GST