Estate project support services

Estate project support services (PSS) are provided through all phases of Defence endorsed estate projects. The service supports the successful delivery of project deliverables and the smooth transition into service and sustainment.

The service assist to identify risks and issues that may impact the handover takeover (HOTO) process. The services provide guidance on compliance with Defence policies and relevant industry standards ensuring project deliverables are fit for purpose prior to acceptance.

Project support services include the following

Information and guidance

  • Facilitate the access and provision of existing estate information.
  • Guidance on the condition, performance, capacity, maintainability, and sustainability of existing assets and proposed designs.
  • Assistance in identifying potential compliance issues.
  • Support development of project plans and schedules, handover, commissioning, and the identification of any site constraints.


  • Support daily interactions and activities related to the project, including use of the HOTO checklist, participating in project meetings, support the management of site constraints and project possession of the site.
  • Assistance in resolving operational impacts and issues in coordination with Defence personnel.
  • Supporting changes in services and utilities, such as new connections, service interruptions, and resumptions, as required.

Data management

  • Manage final validation and acceptance process for project delivered information, ensuring its suitability and completeness.
  • Guidance on Defence data information deliverable requirements.
  • Support rectification of deficiencies found in the project information deliverables.

Commissioning and acceptance

  • Participation in project commissioning and HOTO activities, providing assessments of the serviceability, quality, maintainability, and compliance of the project deliverables.
  • Assessment and resolution of compliance and safety issues, including advice on interim management solutions for acceptance issues and defects.
  • Facilitate development of contract change proposals and support the integration of deliverables into maintenance and servicing schedules.

Defect correction management

  • Assistance assessing defects, advising on defect correction strategies, and offering solutions for interim management of acceptance issues and defects.
  • Support management of project defects during the defect liability period and ensure defect rectifications handled according to project agreements.
  • Participation in post occupancy evaluation as a maintainer or operator, providing advice on the effectiveness, maintainability, sustainability, condition, performance capacity, usability, compliance, and the impacts of dispensations in terms of cost, operational considerations, and resource implications of the deliverables.

For advice and assistance, use the regional email contact provided on this page.