Major Service Provider Agreement

The Major Service Provider (MSP) Agreement 2018-2026 has been established to facilitate the engagement and management of large, long-term, multi-discipline and integrated work packages across the air, land and maritime capability domains.

The MSP Panel operates under standing offer notice SON3484837 in the following service categories:

  • Integrated work partner services - large, complex and longer-term work packages, delivering significant resources to projects and functions.
  • Capability partner services - used to provide agreed outcomes for a business function with a focus on pre-gate-zeo and immediately post-gate-zero tasks.

Service providers are contracted under the terms of an Enterprise Support Services Agreement (ESSA).

MSP Enterprise Support Services Agreement (PDF, 1.28 MB)

Service providers

Four consortium are presently contracted to provide MSPs services:

  • Jacobs - Jacobs Australia
  • Team Nova - Nova systems Australia, QinetiQ and Scyne Advisory
  • KEY - Kellogg Brown & Root and Ernst & Young
  • Team Downer - Downer EDI Engineering Power, Downer Professional Services, Systra ANZ, Envista, and Providence Consulting Group