Contract and tender documents

Minor Works Contract (DOC, 1.06 MB)


Update summary (DOC, 83 KB)


Tender documents (DOC, 67 KB)

Commonwealth procurement rules (DOC, 63 KB)

Workplace health and safety (DOC, 64 KB)

Security of payment — building code 2016 (DOC, 38.1 KB)

Contract documents (DOC, 87.5 KB)

Defence Industry Security Program (DOCX, 44.78 KB)

Standard letters for contract clauses

Possession of site (Clause 2.4) (DOC, 6.13 KB)

Permission to use design (Clause 2.2) (DOC, 7.33 KB)

Notification of latent condition (Clause 2.5) (DOC, 10.37 KB)

Request for details (Clause 2.8 and Clause 2.6) (DOC, 8.46 KB)

Variation instruction (Clause 2.8) (DOC, 9.22 KB)

Notification of meeting to agree variation or valuation (Clause 2.8) (DOC, 7.6 KB)

Notification of determination of cost of variation (Clause 2.8) (DOC, 10.02 KB)

Notification of delay (Clause 2.6) (DOC, 8.83 KB)

Suspension of work (Clause 2.5) (DOC, 7.39 KB)

Recommencement of work (Clause 2.5) (DOC, 6.68 KB)

Notification of meeting to determine cause of delay (Clause 2.6) (DOC, 8.12 KB)

Agreement of extension to date for substantial completion (Clause 2.6) (DOC, 11.79 KB)

Notice of determination re stage for payment (Clause 2.9) (DOC, 5.49 KB)

Meeting to resolve dispute (Clause 2.12) (DOC, 7.56 KB)

Reference of dispute (Clause 2.12) (DOC, 11.54 KB)


Currency of insurances (DOC, 5.54 KB)

Minutes of meeting (DOC, 28.04 KB)

Confirmation of oral direction (DOC, 5.1 KB)

Record of conversation (DOC, 11.04 KB)

Extension of time register (DOC, 9.52 KB)

Release of all claims (DOC, 5.17 KB)