Effective 29 September 2015

Update 23 April 2019: Update to incorporate the new Defence Procurement Complaints Scheme.

Update 18 June 2018: Update to incorporate the new Defence Security Principles Framework (DSPF) replacing the Defence Security Manual (DSM), coming into effect from 1 July 2018.

Update 15 February 2018: Update to incorporate Financial Statements Presubmittal Program & Approved Contractor Viability Program.

Update 1 January 2018: New Conditions of Proposal clause 6.2 added to reflect Multi-Stage Tendering requirements of 1 Jan 2018 CPRs.

Update 16 June 2017: Update to ensure consistency with the new DPPM (published 7 April 2017).

ASDEFCON (Invitation to Register) is used to seek expressions of interest from Industry as to their willingness and capacity to participate in a procurement process to fulfil a known Defence requirement. Further guidance on when to use ASDEFCON (Invitation to Register) has been included in the Contract Template Selection and Tailoring Guide.

The most recent version of ASDEFCON (Invitation to Register) is version 1.1 (September 2015). The changes include incorporation of all changes introduced in Departmental Procurement Policy Instructions (DPPI) since the release of ASDEFCON (Invitation to Register) verson 1.0, including required updates to superseded DPPI content.

In addition, minor typographical and grammatical changes have been made, along with updated weblinks and references.

A table of changes from version 1.0 to version 1.1 of ASDEFCON (Invitation to Register) will be made available for downloading once it has been produced.

Download Files

The following files represent the complete ASDEFCON (Invitation to Register) version 1.1 template:

This version is current as of 23 April 2019

ASDEFCON (Invitation to Register) V1.1 (PDF) (recommended for printing)
ASDEFCON (Invitation to Register) V1.1 in Microsoft Word format (ZIP) (recommended for drafters)

When extracting from Winzip please ensure you select "all files" and "use folder names". The ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Set 2015 should be used to edit the template in Microsoft Word.

The Department of Defence accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of this document. For specific procurements, the Department reserves the right to make changes to the document (or select particular clause 'options') and is not bound to use the document for any particular procurement.