Plan Galileo

Continuous sustainment, so the Royal Australian Navy's growing fleet is available where and when needed.

The federal government's National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise will provide the nation with its greatest naval capability regeneration since the Second World War, as well as create and sustain a sovereign shipbuilding industry in Australia for generations to come.

Plan Galileo will ensure the significantly larger and more complex fleet that results from Continuous Naval Shipbuilding is effectively sustained so it can fight and win at sea. It will also enhance Navy’s agile approach and ability to surge from strategic locations across Australia, particularly key operational areas in the Pacific. Plan Galileo achieves this by approaching sustainment as a whole-of-life concept, considering sustainment from design of a vessel through to disposal. It reworks our support solution to one that adopts a fleet view, minimising duplication across the maritime domain.

The tonnage of the fleet will increase by 132 per cent in key regions across Australia from 2010 to 2048 as shown in the image below.

Plan Galileo Info-graphic Weight Map

Plan Galileo focusses sustainment on a network of Regional Maintenance Centres (RMCs), which bring together the Commonwealth, primes, local small businesses and suppliers. Strategically located in port cities around the country, the RMCs will have the capability to sustain multiple classes of Royal Australian Navy surface fleet unit.

RMC National, a ‘light touch’ organisation will drive standardisation, coordination and efficiency across the RMC Network.

Horizon 3 of Plan Galileo- Sustainment 2025, is underway and aims to achieve three key objectives:

  • Enhanced and evolved support to Navy
  • Sustainment efficiency
  • Sovereign sustainment capability.

More information on recent updates, key milestones and Plan Galileo factsheets and multimedia can be found below.

Development – Completed Implementation Success
1 Jan 2019-30 Jun 2020 1 Jul 2020-31 Dec 2021 1 Jan 2022-30 Jun 2025
Establishing Regional Maintenance Centres Maturing supply chains Building a skilled workforce

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