Naval Shipbuilding Plan

The Naval Shipbuilding Plan, released on 16 May 2017, outlines the Government’s vision for the Australian naval shipbuilding  enterprise and the significant investment required in coming decades.

The Plan sets out how our Government is delivering on the commitment to build a strong, sustainable and innovative Australian naval shipbuilding industry. It provides the foundation for implementing the Government’s commitment to the greatest regeneration of our country’s naval capability since the Second World War. At the same time it will create a long-term, sustainable naval shipbuilding and ship sustainment capability that will serve our strategic and economic interests for many decades.

The goal of the Naval Shipbuilding Plan is to ensure that the regeneration of the Royal Australian Navy over the coming decades will ensure both a cost-effective solution for the Government provide Navy the assured capability to fight and win. The National Naval Shipbuilding Office has been established to implement the Naval Shipbuilding Plan.

The Australian Government is laying the foundations for an Australia-wide, continuous National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise, ending the boom-bust cycle that has afflicted the Australian naval shipbuilding and sustainment industry. This will provide certainty to local businesses and shipbuilding workers and provide direct and indirect employment opportunities for generations to come.

The Government will invest:

  • around $90 billion in new naval ships and submarines;
  • more than $1 billion in modern shipyard infrastructure; and
  • up to $62 million in workforce growth and skilling initiatives to enable the delivery of these platforms.

Four key enablers are required to implement the Government’s Naval Shipbuilding Plan:

Success will see the realisation of the significant strategic, economic and employment advantages to Australia that a national naval shipbuilding and sustainment capability can bring.

View the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise overview video.