A National Collaborative Approach

A coherent national approach is imperative to successfully establishing the National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise. Successful implementation of the Naval Shipbuilding Plan requires a concerted, timely and coordinated national effort to bring together the enabling elements including naval shipbuilding and sustainment infrastructure, the naval workforce and an Australian industrial base.

Strategic partnerships based on a new level of collaboration with Australian defence industry, State and Territory governments, international partner governments, commercial partners, academia and science and technology and research organisations are the foundation on which this approach will be built.

Working together will require enhanced collaboration between stakeholders to ensure the Australian defence industry has the capability, skills, capacity, and infrastructure to deliver and sustain the largest renewal of naval capability in Australia’s history. Communicating the different aspects, achievements and benefits of the Enterprise will be essential in developing strong relationships and broad public support.

International engagement is an important aspect of successfully building the Enterprise. Australia will leverage expertise and lesson’s learned from multiple countries and apply it to our own endeavour.

The National Approach is the hardest key enabler of the Naval Shipbuilding Plan to define, it is the glue which unites all elements of naval shipbuilding (current fleet sustainment, building infrastructure and naval platforms and the other key enablers), interconnecting them and channelling efforts into a sustained, continuous, National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.