Assessing and protecting Official information

Information security allows Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) members to share information with Defence confidently. It ensures a common understanding of confidentiality requirements and the consistent application of protective security measures.

When our information is compromised it can damage Australia‚Äôs international security reputation and put the lives of Australians at risk. It is a priority for Defence to prevent the unauthorised disclosure of information.

Assessing information

Information must be assess appropriately to ensure it is properly protected and easily accessible by those who need it. Information is assessed by quantifying how much damage would be caused in the information was compromised.

Guide to Assessing and Protecting Official Information (PDF, 1.96 MB)

Quick reference Guide to Assess Official Information (PDF, 100.59 KB)

Appropriate access

Appropriate access to OFFICIAL information enables Defence to operate effectively and efficiently. This can be significant when information sharing is required with other countries or agencies.

Unauthorised access or release of OFFICIAL information must be reported to a Security Officer and a security report submitted.