The Australian Naval Classification Authority (ANCA) education courses are designed to provide users with an introduction to naval classification, including:

  • how it differs from civilian classification
  • how ANCA supports the achievements of the Defence Seaworthiness Outcome
  • the role of the Australian Naval Classification (ANC) Framework
  • an overview of Attaining and Maintaining Naval Classification.


Introduction to Civilian and Australian Naval Classification 

Enrolment key: ANCAModule1 

By completing this module will you understand:

  • the origins of civilian classification 
  • the difference between naval and civilian classification
  • the ANC Framework guiding the pathway forward.

Introduction to the ANCA

Enrolment key: ANCAModule2

By completing this module will you understand:

  • the strategic context surrounding ANCA’s establishment 
  • how ANCA helps to achieve the Seaworthiness outcome 
  • the core functions and benefit of ANCA.

Key Concepts of the ANC Framework

Enrolment key: ANCAModule3

By completing this module will you understand:

  • the role of the ANC Framework and its driving principles
  • the foundation concepts underpinning the structure of the ANC Rules
  • the purpose of the ANC Design Notes and how they align with the ANC Rules.

Attaining and Maintaining Classification

Enrolment key: ANCAModule4

By completing this module you will understand:

  • the role of ANC rules and ANC Design Notes within the ANC Framework
  • the process involved in Attaining Naval Classification
  • the process involved in Maintaining Naval Classification.


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  • existing account: login and search using the course enrolment key.