Intelligence industry programs

Defence aims to transform the way intelligence is collected, analysed and disseminated. Industry partnerships are needed to draw on the best available data, technology and expertise to deliver leading-edge intelligence capability.

Defence is expanding the engagement with industry to meet the increased demand for intelligence, leverage innovation, and enable Australian industry to grow in support of national interests.

Industry programs and projects, along with details on how to get involved, are outlined below.

Analytics Labs Program

The Analytics Labs Program, run in partnership with FrontierSI, provides a series of challenge topics on machine analytics to industry and academia. Sub-contracts are awarded to the most promising responses.

The program is intended to improve understanding of modern machine analytics capabilities developed by industry, while raising industry awareness of Defence’s current and emerging challenges.

HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program

Through the HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP), industry partners work with Defence to meet the national hydrographic survey function and contribute to safety of navigation efforts. The services under the HIPP are provided by a panel of commercial partners to provide flexibility, value for money to the Commonwealth and enable the growth of the Australian hydrographic industry.

Defence will commence a panel refresh activity prior to expiration of the current panel in 2024. This will provide new and existing companies with the opportunity to be on the next iteration of the program.