Export System Implementation

Implementing the policies and initiatives in the Strategy will provide the right balance of support to better equip Australian defence industry to compete in the global market. Building a world-class, export oriented defence industry requires a strategic and long-term vision. Change will not happen overnight; there needs to be a steady and concerted effort to make this vision a reality.

The initiatives set out in the Strategy will be implemented in two phases. Phase 1, to be implemented by the end of 2018, will focus on setting up the institutional arrangements to support defence exports. Phase 2, to be implemented by the end of 2019, will focus on implementing initiatives that will raise the export potential of Australian defence industry over the medium to long-term and embed the whole-of-government support for defence exports.

The Strategy sets a new direction for Australian defence exports. To remain relevant, the Strategy will need to be responsive to changes in the defence export market and lessons learned during implementation of the initiatives. The Australian Defence Export Office will work with industry and other stakeholders to refine the policies and initiatives in the Strategy to ensure they are most effective.