Disposal Services is responsible for the disposal of major Defence equipment and capability platforms. The role of the directorate is to:

  • plan and facilitate disposals of major items
  • provide a centre of expertise in the disposals domain
  • maintain a register of interest from public organisations for the disposal of Defence major items.

Disposal policy, caveats and restrictions

Disposal of Australian Defence Force assets are governed by both Australian and foreign government legislation and policy. When disposing of surplus equipment, Defence is obliged to obtain the best outcome for the Commonwealth and must use the most economical means whenever practical. Additionally, Defence must meet any obligations with treaties, caveats and licences from foreign governments and original equipment manufacturers. Defence will also consider the constraints, costs and heritage of all assets when deciding on disposal strategies.

Preservation of heritage

Where Defence has determined there is a heritage or historical significance to an asset available for disposal, Defence may offer these for sale to heritage and community organisations for display purposes to preserve military heritage via an open tender or request for-offer. Under the conditions of tender or request-for-offer, potential recipients must be established as an Australian historical organisation under relevant State or Commonwealth legislation. These are organisations such as museums or historical societies that are committed to preserving Australian military heritage and to providing public access to military historical displays and material collections.

Register your interest

To register your interest in the disposal of a Defence asset, please complete the disposal registration form and return via email to the Disposal Services. The receipt of your email will be acknowledged and you will then be notified once the relevant equipment or platform becomes available.

Ex-Army vehicles

To register your interest in the disposal of Army vehicles, interested parties should contact Australian Frontline Machinery directly.

Further information

Email: Disposal Services

Postal address

Disposal Services
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Department of Defence
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