Australian Community Membership - Government Information

Commonwealth Government agencies interested in utilising the Treaty to transfer Treaty Articles should contact Defence.

Australian Government agencies are required to maintain certain obligations under the Treaty. These obligations include:

  • Ensuring all personnel requiring access to Treaty Articles hold a current security clearance issued by the Australian Government at, or equivalent, to BASELINE or higher.
  • Maintaining appropriate accreditation for all facilities used to handle and store Treaty Articles commensurate with the classification of the article, and listing the facility with Defence as a facility to be used for Treaty Articles.
  • Obtaining the appropriate authorisations prior to transferring Treaty Articles outside of the Australian Community.
  • Ensuring all Treaty Articles are appropriately marked.

In addition, the Implementing Arrangement requires instances of non-compliance with these obligations to be reported to the United States Government. To facilitate this, any instances of non-compliance by Government agencies must be reported to the Australian Trade Treaty team at Defence.