Publication is the act of placing certain Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL) technology in the public domain and making it publically available. This includes publishing on the internet, publishing an article in a journal and publication of conference proceedings. Publication controls apply to anyone in 'Australia', and also to Australian citizens, residents or Australian companies outside Australia.

Publishing Part 1 (Munitions List) DSGL technology is regulated and requires approval from Defence Export Controls (DEC) before publication. Publishing Part 2 (Dual-Use List) DSGL technology does not require approval.

Controlled technology is rarely published. Defence assessed over 300 publications, and found that less than 3% published controlled technology and those only just met the control threshold.

It is crucial to remember that technologies in the DSGL are only controlled in limited circumstances. It is not controlled if it is already in the public domain or part of basic scientific research. Most importantly, it is only controlled if it meets a high threshold: specific information required for the development, production or use of a product. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Blueprints, schematics, engineering designs and specifications
  • Plans, diagrams and models
  • Formulae and tables
  • Manuals and instructions