Self-assessment tool

Defence Export Controls (DEC) has developed this DSGL self-assessment tool to help exporters to determine if their goods, technology or activity are controlled under the DSGL. Exporters require a permit from DEC to export, supply, publish or broker controlled goods, software or technology.

The DGSL Self-Assessment Tool has two parts:

  • The Activity Questionnaire is a self-assessment that will assist you to determine if your export, supply, publication or brokering activity is controlled. You will be able to save and print a copy of the questions and answers from your session.
  • The DSGL Search is a tool with advanced search features that will assist you to determine if your goods, software or technology are listed in the DSGL. You will be able to save and print your search terms and the control list items that match your search.

Activity Questionnaire

DSGL Search

DEC recommends that if you are new to export controls and are unsure if your activity will be controlled, that you should complete the Activity Questionnaire first. If you are still not sure whether you require an export permit after using the DSGL Tool, or after reviewing the DSGL (available here), you can submit an application to DEC for an assessment.