Australian General Export Licences (AUSGELs) are broad permits for pre-approved activities. A single AUSGEL can permit you to supply goods to specific destinations and purposes for five years’ duration, or longer if required. You may also wish to apply for multiple AUSGELs, to accommodate a range of types of goods that you export - you can do this with a single application form. Once approved, you can export any of the listed goods, software and/or technologies to any of the approved destinations, provided it matches the approved purpose of export listed in the AUSGEL.

It is important to note that we will only issue AUSGELs to applicants who are likely to use the licence for its intended purpose, and to comply with the conditions stated on the licence.

An AUSGEL does not authorise exports or supplies to a WMD program. AUSGEL licence holders must undertake due diligence measures to help establish whether the organisation is dealing with legitimate end users who will use the items for legitimate purposes. This is sometimes referred to as 'know your customer'. Exporters should take reasonable steps to screen consignees, end-users, and overseas collaborators to establish, as far as possible, that the goods, software or technology will be used for legitimate purposes.

We have developed several questionnaires and checklists to help applicants establish an internal compliance program to undertake appropriate checks. Licence holders can access these documents on DEC's compliance webpage.

If you suspect that a transaction may result in the goods, software or technology being used in a WMD program, then you can not proceed under the AUSGEL. In these circumstances, you should contact us to discuss alternative permit arrangements.