‘Brokering’ occurs when an Australian citizen arranges (as an agent or intermediary) the supply of controlled goods, software and technology between two people, and benefits in some way from the supply. Supply in this context includes sale, exchange, gift, lease, hire and hire-purchase. In order to be eligible to hold a permit to broker DSGL goods, software or technology, you must first be a registered broker with DEC.

Brokering controls apply to anyone (person or organisation) located in Australia, and to Australian citizens or residents located outside Australia if they are brokering as an individual. The brokering controls apply worldwide to a company incorporated under Australian law. Brokering controls do not apply to an individual who is brokering as an employee of a foreign company.

You must get a permit before brokering for two people who are both located outside of Australia, if the goods, software or technology are listed in Part 1 of the DSGL, or where the goods, software or technology are for a military end-use or a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program, listed in Part 2 of the DSGL. Activities such as freight forwarding, providing financial services, insurance, reinsurance, promotion or advertising are not captured under the Defence Trade Control Act 2012's brokering controls, and do not require a permit.

To be registered as a broker, you must pass a Fit and Proper Person (FPP) test. Matters taken into consideration in assessing broker registration include:

  • criminal history;
  • history of insolvency, bankruptcy or debt relief; and
  • history of non-compliance with export control laws.

A national police check must be submitted with your broker registration application unless you hold a current security clearance level of Negative Vetting 1 or higher.

Registration as a broker is valid for 5 years. All registered brokers are added to the public Register of Brokers, which is available on the Register of Brokers below.

To apply for registration as a broker, please fill out and submit the Application to Register as a Broker.

An application may be for a particular arrangement or more than one arrangement that includes DSGL goods, software or technology from several suppliers. Permits can be valid for up to 5 years or longer if necessary. It is important to provide as much information as possible about your brokering activity in your application so that DEC can issue the most appropriate permit to suit your needs.

To apply for a brokering arrangement, please fill out and submit the Application to Make a Brokering Arrangement.

This is the Register of Brokers as required by section 24 of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012.

Broker Name Registration
End Date
Is the Broker Registration
Subject to Conditions? (Y/N)
Vincent Francois Marty 6 September 2024 No
Leonardo Australia Pty Ltd 17 April 2025 No
Saab Australia Pty Ltd 8 July 2025 No
Beretta Australia Pty Ltd 5 August 2025 No
Aspen Medical Pty Ltd 21 January 2026 No
Amaero Engineering Pty Ltd 16 February 2026 No
Dr Jimmy Lea 16 February 2026 No
EOS Defence Systems Pty Ltd 25 May 2026 No
Spearpoint Solutions and Technology Pty Ltd 10 August 2026 No
DefendTex Pty Ltd 25 March 2027 No
DroneShield Limited 7 June 2027 No
Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions 16 August 2027 No
GDI Strategies 2 September 2027 No
DroneShield Corporation Pty Ltd 7 December 2027 No
DroneShield Group Pty Ltd 13 October 2028 No
Shungbong Lee 26 April 2029 No