Australian Military Sales

The role of the Australian Military Sales (AMS) team is to support Australian sovereign capability and military sales programs through the planning and execution of international government-to-government transfer of:

  • Australian Defence Organisation materiel
  • Australian-origin sensitive technology
  • products and services of Australian defence industry, as required.

AMS seeks expressions of interest (EOI) from foreign governments for consideration for government-to-government (G2G) transfers and support with commercial-to-government (C2G) interactions/transfers.

Advice to foreign governments on surplus ADF equipment and defence industry products and services may be obtained by completing the EOI form. This form is for foreign government use only.

Australian Military Sales Expression of Interest (PDF, 619.39 KB)

In the case of defence industry products and services (that are not of a sensitive nature), the completion of the EOI form will not automatically result in the consideration of a G2G. In the first instance, a C2G transaction between the enquiring nation and the company will be encouraged and supported by AMS. A G2G in this instance will only be considered if required.

Surplus ADO equipment is offered on the basis of as is, where is.

Australian Military Sales supports Australian defence industry to export leading-edge capability solutions to foreign government customers.

By leveraging relationships across the military diplomatic community, AMS provides opportunities for Australian defence industry to utilise Defence’s network of national and international military partners to identify sales opportunities. Thereby, improving and enhancing the promotion and export of products and capabilities on a C2G basis

On 3 April 2024 the Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Pat Conroy MP announced the release of the 2024 Australian Defence Export Catalogue. 

The Australian Defence Export Catalogue, previously known as the Australian Defence Sales Catalogue, has been showcasing a variety of products and services from Australian defence industry companies located in every state and territory of Australia since 2017.

A record number of more than 300 Australian defence industry businesses are showcasing their export-ready products, services and technologies in the latest Australian Defence Export Catalogue. The catalogue also details some ADF surplus equipment available for sale under G2G arrangements. 

Australian Defence Export Catalogue 2024 (PDF, 5.31 MB)

The Australian Defence Export Office has developed an iOS and Android mobile app for the Australian Defence Export Catalogue, known as the ADEO Portal.

Any member of the public may download the app at any time, and register to use, via a mobile device's app store. The most up-to-date version of the app will download. In addition to showcasing the catalogue there is a section on Commonwealth Government support to export ready companies.

For partner countries, the app is a good accompaniment to the 200 plus page hard copy version, allowing the user to click through to a company's website.

The benefits for companies listed in the app are:

  • statistical information on which regions across the globe are visiting the company page, and how often
  • users can click through to the company website.

Visit the ADEO Portal for an interactive Australian Defence Export Catalogue experience.

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