Yamari Ochre Signs

1 April 2020

Yamari Ochre Signs have been engaged by Defence for a number of projects including a Safe Base Project in April 2019, and more recently for the Wayfinding Project which commenced in April 2020.

Wayfinding is the system of providing users with the means of finding their destination on a Defence site in an effective and efficient manner. The project focused on providing visitors who are visiting unfamiliar Defence sites, with the information they require to effectively plan their journey, as well as the tools such as maps and signage they need on the ground to successfully reach their destination.

As part of this project, Yamari Ochre produced over 200 custom signs for 40 Defence bases. The Wayfinding signs at base entrances and on-base directional signs provided visitors with points of interest such as accommodation, messes, gyms, administrative services and other facilities. Signage was produced to ensure its ability to withstand the exterior environment without fading for a long period of time, but also provided a cost effective solution to update sign information if necessary.

Over the last six months, Yamari Ochre noted that their productivity increased not only by direct engagement with Defence on this project, but also by giving their services precedence which has helped support their capabilities when applying for further Government and Non-Government projects. Yamari Ochre indicated that due to the scale of the Wayfinding project, they have been able to secure better rates from their raw material suppliers, which in turn enables them to offer more competitive prices. Further, due to their engagement with Defence over the last few years, they noted their business has grown, thereby enabling them to offer new positions to those from our indigenous community.

Yamari Ochre Signs are a Supply Nation certified, Indigenous Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) specialising in the construction and development of Signage, Uniforms and Promotional Products. They are also a veteran owned and founded business. Yamari literally translates to ‘Hand’ and ‘Ochre’ was used traditionally as a pigment to not only place cultural signs around the landscape, but also as a way to empower the community to let others know they were there.