DCL Locksmiths and Security

1 Jan 2020

During 2020, DCL Locksmiths and Security were engaged as a subcontractor by Secom Technical Services for the replacement of the legacy master key systems at the Australian Defence Force Academy and Royal Military College (Duntroon). This project involved replacement of over 3000 locks in 90 buildings. In undertaking this large scale task, DCL also surveyed the site and designed, developed and installed a suitable master keying hierarchy.

Currently 30% of DCL Locksmiths and Security’s workforce identify as either Wiradjuri or Warramungu. One young, local DCL staff member who identifies as Wiradjuri, has now been employed by DCL Locksmiths and Security for over three years and because of his permanent employment, has been successfully granted a mortgage to buy his first home in Dubbo which will also house his parents. This young staff member is also close to completing his apprenticeship and is the best example of how DCL’s growth is directly connected to better life opportunities for Indigenous youth in the community. For DCL Locksmiths and Security, increased opportunity means more employment opportunities to the Dubbo community, especially to local indigenous youth, men and women.

DCL Locksmiths and Security’s advice to other indigenous businesses looking to get involved with Defence, is that sometimes to get your foot in the door, it may be helpful to subcontract with companies that have already been engaged by Defence for larger projects. By engaging as a subcontractor, this may assist in opening up opportunities with Defence.

DCL Locksmiths and Security are a Supply Nation Certified Locksmith and Security business, based in NSW and ACT. With AGSVA Baseline, NV1 and NV2 cleared personnel, they specialise in the provision of Security Construction & Equipment Committee (SCEC) approved Locksmith services and SCEC approved hardware supply for the restricted government space. Additionally, their service offering includes supply of SCEC locks and safes, supply of architectural door hardware and design and development of new Restricted Master Key Systems.