Thuroona Services – Detailed site investigations

1 September 2019

Thuroona Services provide an industry point of difference in hazardous materials, project management and safety with a proven history in project delivery.

Thuroona Services is the only Supply Nation certified Class A (Unrestricted) Asbestos and Class 1 (Unrestricted) Demolition License Holder in Australia (as at 2018)*. Their vision is to make a positive contribution to sustainable change for Indigenous Australians and to work to establishing positive relationships with local communities. As the company continues to grow the team will strive to consist of 50% Indigenous, 35% ex-military and 15% of other skilled workers of varied cultural back grounds.*

Defence engaged Thuroona Services to conduct detailed site investigations for a number of projects, including the buffer area for the Frenchville Rifle Range and Maryborough Rifle Range sites in QLD and the Kalgoorlie Rifle Range, WA. Thuroona were engaged with Defence from December 2017 to September 2019. Engagement between Thuroona and Defence throughout these engagements was a positive experience for both parties.