Stahl Metall working towards a sovereign capability

4 November 2020

Stahl Metall, an AS 9100 (Aerospace) certified, design and manufacturing business, aims to create an Australian made component to diversify their business.

Managing Director, Anton Fonseka said one of their main goals they're working towards is to invent a product that can be used with a range of capabilities.

'The CDIC encouraged us to invent a product that we can use in local or overseas global supply chains and for defence applications. This has been a great help to us in diversifying our business for other industries,' Mr Fonseka said.

Stahl Metall are already part of several local and global supply chains, and provide services for a range of defence applications. Stahl Metall have a proven track record in complex defence platforms, and robust solutions.

Stahl Metall are currently working on major defence programs such as:

  • SEA 1442 ANZAC-Class frigates program
  • Collins Class Submarine Radar and Communications System, Remote Weapon Systems
  • SEA 1180 Offshore Patrol Vessels and future potential projects
  • SEA 1000 Future Submarine program
  • SEA 5000 Hunter Class Future Frigates
  • AND 400 Ph3 Next-generation of Armoured Fighting Vehicles program.

'Stahl Metall engineers produce a variety of resilient products ranging from communication, power control and distribution systems, custom cable assemblies, harnesses, and electrical enclosures as well as custom metalwork. What makes Stahl Metall unique is having the ability to provide full plug and play systems,' he said.

'Apart from manufacturing, we're vertically integrated. Customers can come to us and we can design and produce the whole system. The industry doesn't really do most of the work that we specialise in such as providing customised solutions to all our customers.'

When Stahl Metall first decided to diversify their business, the company engaged the CDIC for assistance with navigating the defence industry.

'Support from programs like the CDIC is crucial for Australian businesses like Stahl Metall to achieve their goals both big and small,' he said.

'We met with a Defence Business Adviser around two years ago and he guided us in the direction of business maturity systems.'

With the CDIC help, Stahl Metall had the ability to not only find the right contacts for primes to progress in this field, but improve the plans and goals for their business moving forward.

'The CDIC helped us to get in touch with the global aerospace giant, Lockheed Martin to work in the global supply chain. This was an exciting opportunity for us to be able to get in contact with those primes.'

'Our Defence Business Adviser also assisted us to navigate the Capability Improvement Grant application process. The grant will help us train our staff for upskilling, certifications or electrical manufacturing.'

The Capability Improvement Grant provides matched funding up to $250,000 to engage a consultant or expert to implement business improvements based on CDIC advice.

Mr. Fonseka said, 'developing these relationships are crucial to strengthening trust and confidence between Stahl Metall and other primes in the defence industry.'

'The service the CDIC provided helped us strengthen other companies confidence and trust in us, and they are willing to recommend us for new projects.'

'What makes us competitive is the flexibility and ability to provide customised solutions and the trust we have established. After companies see what we can produce, the relationship and loyalty becomes stronger.'