Innovation fusion for Aussie soldiers and law enforcement

27 July 2020

Director Kai Wellenberg said that Kleinod Pacific specialises in German products that are built by exceptional manufacturers that have already proven themselves in a very competitive European market.

'Kleinod Pacific has only been going a few years, but we have already established a fusion between German and local Australian industry to enhance products for the military and law enforcement.'

'We have commenced working with a highly innovative local designer and manufacturer, GCPD Arms, also based in Canberra. Our partnership provides a fusion of local and German innovation that offers exceptional products and service.'

'We provide products that are unique and offer a point of difference to what you see from large scale manufacturing, we can provide bespoke solutions,' Mr Wellenberg said.

'One of the innovations we offer is a camera that records through a marksman’s optics system, so you can get a movie or photos out of it later, for training or evidence collection, or run it to a fire controller who can view it live on a laptop. A picture tells a thousand words and being able to prove what was in the sights will become increasingly important when operating in complex environments.'

'I’m really excited about the "quick release" optic mounts for weapons that we’re working on too. It allows marksmen with a variety of requirements to easily change their mounts and optics to suit their mission. The low tolerances of machining allow return-to-zero points of aim and provide flexibility in the field.'

'We also provide personal ballistic and stab protection, especially for the under-cover domain for law enforcement and Special Forces. We have some unique products that go beyond the standard-use scenarios.'

'For our business, we are aiming for a strategic fusion between the products manufactured in Germany and local innovation to enhance those products even further for the Australian market and possibly export. I’d love to find more Australian innovation and suitable manufacturers that Kleinod Pacific could work with to enhance its present offerings, with a view to market them back to Europe – small sensors, communication gear. We are looking for something that will fit well into the market we’re in, that could be developed with us for export with "Made in Australia" stamped on it,' Mr Wellenberg said.

Kleinod Pacific is one of the many businesses the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) has assisted to enter, or expand their work, with the Australian defence industry.

'There’s no "how to for dummies guide" to do this, as you can appreciate, so I was happy to receive any help I could get from the Centre for Defence Industry Capability. I was in the foundation stage, and I really wanted people to come to me and say "I’ve got a gap", that I could help them fill.'

'A defence business adviser from the Centre for Defence Industry Capability gave me some points, and invited me to attend the Land Environment Working Group, which allowed me to make industry contacts. We’ve built relationships, it’s beneficial to have those networks and raise interest in our products and services, which has been the case,' Mr Wellenberg said.

'I’m really excited about the path we’re on, to get to where we want to be.'