Exporting to the world - securely

24 July 2020

Under Australia’s Defence export control system, companies looking to export their defence products, software or technologies may need a permit or have to meet special requirements.

'Export controls can be really difficult for a small business to control and adhere to because your workforce is quite small and diverse, and you don’t have the expertise yourself,' said Sales and Marketing Manager for Ronson Gears, Gavin New.

'While this journey has taken several years, it has been really worthwhile. We haven’t got to the full potential yet, but we will, and it will reduce the risk to ourselves and our customers.'

Ronson Gears manufactures precision machined components and gears. It is an Australian company established in 1954, manufacturing precision gears for the rail, mining, construction, off-highway, waste, aerospace and defence industries.

Today the company is an important Defence supply chain partner, providing parts to both second-tier and prime Defence contractors, who use the company’s geared components for defence forces around the globe. Ronson Gears are the only Australian gear manufacturer to hold AS9100C, and can make unique, one-off products, or produce in production batches, to meet their customers’ needs.

'Thanks to the government grant and Windrose International, our consultants on this program, we’ll have additional export controls in place, which gives our customer, and their customers, further confidence in dealing with Ronson Gears,' Mr New said.

'We believe it’s now a competitive advantage for Ronson, to be able to demonstrate the quality and export controls to ensure we meet Defence’s requirements, which flow from Defence to prime contractors all the way through the supply chain to us.'

'Our business employs 37 people and is growing, and aerospace and defence now represents 16% of our turnover. Having our export controls in order means we can continue to work with confidence in the ever growing Defence space.'

'Our Defence business adviser from the Centre for Defence Industry Support helped us with great support and advice early on, but as time went by we realised there were a lot of grey areas we both needed further direction on. It took a couple of years of trying to implement our actions without too much success before we realised further support was required.'

'In 2017 we received an $8000 Capability Improvement Grant to offset a portion of the cost to engage a consultant. Windrose International has been of great assistance, and will lessen the burden of implementing what we need to do,” Mr New said. “They have simplified the process and made it suit a company of our size and the resources available to us.'

Ronson Gears has also been helped by the Team Defence Australia program, which supported their attendance overseas at Defence and Security Equipment International in London, building their European network.

'Team Defence Australia has helped put our Australian business into global markets, and make some connections and build networks we couldn’t have done as easily on our own,' Mr New said.

'We’ve also been in a number of talks with Defence primes through the Centre for Defence Industry Capability’s Global Supply Chain program. We’re hopeful of some new work in the future through this program, with the support of our Defence business adviser.'