Campagno Engineering gain Defence experience in COVID-19 project

11 October 2021

In response to COVID-19, Campagno Engineering, a precision engineering - advanced manufacturing company, have joined a government-led project to design and develop the NOTUS emergency invasive ventilator.

Business Development Manager, Steven Ullness, said there are strong similarities between the way they are managing this project and how defence programs are managed.

'Our experience with this ventilator project gives us a unique business proposition to Defence as if we are a mature defence supply chain partner,' Mr Ullness said.

'The team are working to extremely intense timeframes for what is probably one of the more critical projects in relation to COVID-19 for Australia.'

'Most parts are made to print with some critical parts requiring significant design modifications for prototyping, manufacturing and assembly.'

Before COVID-19

Campagno Engineering have traditionally serviced the packaging and medical industries making high end components including some assembly. Their expertise made working in the defence industry an obvious transition.

'We have been supplying machined maintenance and subassembly parts to CASG for about 10 years but recently there has been increased interest from Primes in Australia,' Mr Ullness said.

'For example, we have MOUs in place with Naval Group with a R.F.I. in progress for weapon systems. We have recently been accepted for the next stage of the Issartel and H.I. Fraser joint venture sovereign supply chain program. L3Harris have moved us into the audit phase with their local and global supply chain initiative'.

Campagno have engaged with the CDIC and completed a Client Engagement Plan with their Defence Business Adviser and look forward to receiving advice and identifying business improvements to help with the businesses journey in the Defence sector.

'Our future looks very good in relation to the defence and medical device sectors.'