Travelling Through the Woomera Prohibited Area

You can access the following areas in the WPA without a permit as long as you don't leave the authorised route:

  • Stuart Highway
  • Olympic Dam Highway (B97)
  • Woomera Village
  • Lake Cadibarrawirracanna Road (Public Access Route)
  • William Creek Road

You must apply for a tourist permit to access all other roads and tracks, including the Anne Beadell Highway.

You will need a tourist permit issued by Defence for the Anne Beadell Highway and all other roads and tracks not listed above:

  • Each vehicle entering the WPA needs a permit
  • Permits cannot be issued more than 12 months before you access the WPA
  • Permits will not be issued during WPA exclusion periods for safety reasons during Defence testing

Additional permits may be required to access traditional owner and conservation areas within or adjoining the WPA:

You must also not access pastoral stations or exploration or mining tenements without the lease holders' or licence holders' permission.

The Chairpersons of the Maralinga Tjarutja Lands and Oak Valley Community have implemented a No Jab, No Entry policy for Maralinga Tjarutja Lands commencing on 23 November 2021. This will be managed by the Permits entry system for all people coming onto Maralinga Tjarutja Lands. Evidence of the first and second vaccination must be supplied with the Permit.

Always check the WPA website for exclusion period notifications.

Please also call 1300 WPA DEL (1300 972 335 option 1) to check daily information about any access restrictions.