Can I access the WPA for resources sector activities?

Resources sector activity in the WPA requires permissions from both the South Australian Government and Defence.

South Australian Government licences

The South Australian Government require licences to be held under state legislation.

Defence permission

Defence may grant permission to access the WPA through a permit system. Permits cannot be issued until the South Australian Government licenses are issued.

Exploration and mining

Two main types of permits are available for resources activities in the WPA :

  • Resource Exploration Permit for a period up to seven years
  • Resource Production (Mining) Permit for a period up to 10 years
  • The forms outline the information and documents required to support the applications

Other Purposes

An 'Other Purposes' permit application should be submitted for activities such as mining extractive minerals (for example: sand, gravel, stone, shell or clay) duly authorised under the South Australian Mining Act 1971.

How do I access the WPA as a contractor or employee?

Permit holders must seek Defence's approval for people to access their tenements in the WPA:

  • employees, contractors and visitors must have Approved Person or Escorted Person status under Defence's legislation
  • An access notification must also be submitted before any people enter the WPA

What are my obligations when accessing the WPA?

Permits to access the WPA include conditions. You need to understand what conditions apply to you, and what you need to do to comply with them.

Permit holders must:

  • ensure employees, contractors and visitors have Approved Person or Escorted Person status;
  • notify Defence when employees or contractors no longer require Approved Person or Escorted Person status;
  • notify Defence of changes to company ownership, directors, joint ventures or financing of operations;
  • seek permission to operate certain equipment;
  • advise Defence of any incidents for the purposes of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Exclusion Periods

Always check the WPA website for exclusion period notifications.

Please also call 1300 WPA DEL (1300 972 335 option 1) to check daily information about any access restrictions.