Woomera Prohibited Area Legislation


Commonwealth Legislation

The WPA was proclaimed a prohibited area by a declaration published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette dated 12 July 1989. It is operated pursuant to Part VIB of the Defence Act 1903.

Defence's powers to to issue permits, declare exclusion periods, and issue penalties come from the Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014.

The Rule applies to people seeking access permits for:

  • Resources exploration and production
  • Tourism
  • Opal mining
  • Research, environmental, and other activities.

If you held certain interests in the WPA before the Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014 came into effect, your permission to access the WPA is provided by the Defence Force Regulations 1952.

These regulations apply to users that hold deeds of access to the WPA or have been given permission under Regulation 35.

The Defence Force Regulations 1952 have been repealed, but Part VII regarding the WPA is preserved by the Defence Regulations 2016